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Filmmaking: Nile's Other "Thing"

Nile has written several screenplay including one that made it to the quarterfinals of the  Nicholl Fellowship as well as the finals of the Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea Contest (which is totally a thing by the way... seriously. Google it. I'll wait. See? Weird right?


Nile recently wrote, produced, directed and starred in his first short Third Date starring himself, the super awesome Hannah Cheeseman and the equally cool Jake Michaels which premiered at the LA Comedy Festival.


He currently has several other projects in development which he hopes won't be as awkward as this blurb.

Nile's first short Third Date, starring Hannah Cheeseman, Jake Michaels and the Chocolate Prophet (not his real name)

“Mind – blowingly funny… no stone left unturned. Put this guy on TV!” – Montreal Mirror


“Funny, uncompromising and intelligent” – Now Magazine

   © Nile Seguin 2016

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